Shiqi Tao

Shiqi Tao

Doctoral Student

School of Geography, Clark University

Ms. Shiqi Tao is a Doctoral Student in the Graduate School of Geography at Clark University. She applies remote sensing and artificial intelligence to understand forest cover change under human and natural impacts.

Her research focuses on mapping solar panel farms and examining their environmental change in Massachusetts (United States) based on satellite observations and ancillary spatial datasets. She conducts research under the supervision of her advisor, Prof. John Rogan.


She is the leading author of a recently published research article on “Mapping photovoltaic power stations and assessing their environmental impacts from multi-sensor datasets in Massachusetts (United States)” in the journal of Remote Sensing Applications: Society and Environment. This work is under the guidance by John Rogan and in collaboration with Su Ye and Nicholas Geron.

She is also a coauthor on more than a dozen of publications that cover topics broadly on food-water-energy nexus, remote sensing applications, land use and cover change, and ecosystem dynamics. A full list of publications can be found here.

Funding Sources

  • Edna Bailey Sussman Fund (PI: Shiqi Tao)
  • USGS-NASA Landsat Science Team (LST) Program (PI: Su Ye)

News Media Reports

  • Spectrum News 1 (New media): Clark University students complete study revealing solar panels effects on environment
  • Milford Daily News (Newspaper): A team of Clark researchers has produced new data showing the extent of deforestation in the region related to solar field development
  • ClarkNow (School Media): Geography research documents solar farms' negative effects on landscape First-of-its-kind work documents ‘staggering’ loss of valuable forest habitat
  • Twitter (Clark University): Emily Evenden ‘21 and doctoral candidate Shiqi Tao spoke to @SpecNews1Worc about their work for @MassAudubon helping to document the forest habitat that is being lost to solar field development

Developed Website

  • Explorer of Massachusetts Solar Fields, by Shiqi Tao & John Rogan

  • Remote sensing
  • Forest conservation
  • Geographic information
  • Renewable energy
  • Artificial intelligence
  • M.S. in Geography, 2019

    Michigan State University

  • B.S. in Geographic Information Science, 2016

    Chengdu University of Technology