Ecosystem Services

Natural attributes or aesthetic attributes: Which is more valuable in recreational ecosystem services of nature-based parks considering tourists’ environmental knowledge and attitude impacts?

This study designed a choice experiment to analyze tourists' preferences for recreational ecosystem services in the Yangtze River Delta (China). Study site within the region of Yangtze River Delta Author: Qi Zhang Updated: October 2023

Examining the effects of green revolution led agricultural expansion on net ecosystem service values in India using multiple valuation approaches

Examining the effects of forest fire on terrestrial carbon emission and ecosystem production in India using remote sensing approaches

Examining effects of climate change and land use dynamic on biophysical and economic values of ecosystem services of a natural reserve region

Identification of conservation priority zones using spatially explicit valued ecosystem services in the Indian Sundarbans

Responses of ecosystem services to natural and anthropogenic forcings in the world's largest mangrove ecosystem

Projections of future land use changes: Multiple scenarios-based impacts analysis on ecosystem services for Wuhan city, China