Global renewable energy trade network: patterns and determinants

We develop global renewable energy trade networks (GRETNs) during 2000–2018 and explore the patterns and determinants based on bilateral trade data. Global renewable energy trade network in 2018 Author: Qi Zhang Updated: February 2024

Global hidden spillover effects among concurrent green initiatives

This study investigates the hidden linkages among concurrent payments for ecosystem services programs. Major findings & conclusions: Multiple conservation programs are often implemented in same area(s) or involved same recipients.

Fine-resolution mapping and assessment of artificial surfaces in the northern hemisphere permafrost environments

This study aims to map and assess artificial surfaces in the northern hemisphere. Author: Qi Zhang Updated: January 2024

Agent-based modeling of the effects of conservation policies on social-ecological feedbacks between cropland abandonment and labor migration

Model Development ABM-CALM: Agent-Based Model for Cropland Abandonment and Labor Migration Overview of ABM-CALM. This paper presents reserach on the development and application of ABM-CALM that simulates bidirectional social-ecological feedbacks.

Natural attributes or aesthetic attributes: Which is more valuable in recreational ecosystem services of nature-based parks considering tourists’ environmental knowledge and attitude impacts?

This study designed a choice experiment to analyze tourists' preferences for recreational ecosystem services in the Yangtze River Delta (China). Study site within the region of Yangtze River Delta Author: Qi Zhang Updated: October 2023

Spatiotemporal changes of coastal land use land cover and its drivers in Shanghai, China between 1989 and 2015

Author: Qi Zhang Updated: September 2023

Understanding the mediating role of labor out-migration in household income generation and distribution under a reforestation policy in rural China

Reforestation Policy & Rural Livelihoods Income inequality is a critical issue of socio-economic development, particularly in rural areas where forest-dependent people are often vulnerable to the intervention of forest policies. This study investigates income distribution and inequality of rural households influenced by China’s largest reforestation policy, the Congversion of Cropland to Forest Program (CCFP).

Spatiotemporal evolution of urban agglomeration and its impact on landscape patterns in the Pearl River Delta, China

Author: Qi Zhang Updated: May 2023

Labor market distortion and air pollution: an empirical analysis based on spatial effect modeling

This research investigates the effects of labor market distortion on sulfur dioxide emission in China. Dataset: statistics for 283 cities. Study period: 2003-2015. Mechanisms: suppressing technological progress, hindering the upgrading of industrial structure, and reducing the efficiency of energy use.

Influence of rural out-migration on household participation in community forest management? Evidence from the middle hills of Nepal

This article belongs to the Special Issue Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Forest Ecosystems hosted by Dr. Eve Bohnett and Prof. Li An from San Diego State University. Author: Qi Zhang Updated: January 2023