remote sensing

Fine-resolution mapping and assessment of artificial surfaces in the northern hemisphere permafrost environments

This study aims to map and assess artificial surfaces in the northern hemisphere. Author: Qi Zhang Updated: January 2024

Arctic’s man-made impervious surfaces expanded by over two-thirds in the 21st century

Examining the status of forest fire emission in 2020 and its connection to COVID-19 incidents in West Coast regions of the United States

Mapping active paddy rice area over monsoon Asia using time-series Sentinel – 2 images in Google Earth Engine; A case study over Lower Gangetic Plain

GCI30: a global dataset of 30-m cropping intensity using multisource remote sensing imagery

We utilized multiple satellite data on Google Earth Engine platform to develop a first 30 m resolution global CI (GCI30)

Cropland Dynamics and Remote Sensing

Mapping continuous cropping cycles over large scales

A new framework to map fine resolution cropping intensity across the globe: algorithm, validation, and implication

An efficient approach to capture continuous impervious surface dynamics using spatial-temporal rules and dense Landsat time series stacks

Evaluating the effectiveness of forest conservation policies with multitemporal remotely sensed imagery: a case study from Tiantangzhai Township, Anhui, China

Dynamic pattern of agricultural landscapes in response to urbanization across Hangzhou metropolitan region: a remote sensing approach