Determinants and consequences of migration in developing countries

Date: 14:40-17:50 (Mountain Time), March 23 of 2023
Place: Directors Row H, Sheraton, Plaza Building, Lobby Level
City: Denver, CO

We will organize two sessions on migration at the 2023 conference hosted by the American Association of Geographers

  • Determinants and consequences of migration in developing countries

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Much migration is, at least initially, labor migration, and often followed by the migration of spouses and other family members. This migration may have profound socioeconomic and environmental consequences in either or both origins and destinations. For example, remittances that out-migrants send back can significantly improve the livelihoods of households in rural origins, reducing the reliance of the farm households on local natural resources such as forests and farmland. However, there may also be declines in food production and therefore food security. Meanwhile, in-flows of labor to urban areas may also have mixed effects, providing labor for economic growth but also burdening city budgets due to the growing population and adding to congestion and pollution.

Author: Qi Zhang
Updated: March 2023

Qi Zhang
Qi Zhang
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Richard Bilsborrow
Richard Bilsborrow
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