Effects of environmental policy on natural resource conservation and people’s livelihoods

Date: 09:40-12:00 (HST), April 16 of 2024
City: Honolulu, HI

We organize two sessions at the 2024 conference hosted by the American Association of Geographers:

  • Effects of Environmental Policy on Natural Resource Conservation and People’s Livelihoods: Session I & Session II

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The environment we live in has never faced greater challenges from human activities, leading to global warming, environmental degradation, widespread biodiversity loss, and invasion of alien species, among others. Numerous environmental policies have been put in place around the globe to remedy and mitigate these challenges. Some policies have led to success of varying degrees, while others have had mixed outcomes. This virtual session calls for papers that present case studies on evaluating the effectiveness of environmental policies that aim at natural resource conservation and their impacts on the people whose livelihoods are closely tied to the natural resources.

Specifically, we call for papers on the following topics:

  • Effectiveness of forest policies on forest resources through time
  • Impacts of forest policies on forest-dependent people’s livelihoods
  • Effectiveness of conservation areas on biodiversity
  • Impacts of conservation areas on the livelihoods of people living within and near the conservation area
  • Effectiveness of environmental policies on water resource protection
  • Effectiveness of environmental policies on protecting other fragile natural resource systems (e.g., grassland) and its impacts on livelihoods for people who depend on these systems

Author: Qi Zhang
Updated: April 2024

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Sophia Graybill
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Qi Zhang
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